Schools Contract

Sorted can place a regular counsellor in your school on a weekly basis to offer one to one counselling. This therapeutic intervention can help children and young people to cope with a variety of complex behaviours and difficult emotions. It can help them to cope in the school environment developing resilience and coping mechanisms. Our counsellors are trained professionals who can offer a different level of support with your school community, we work to build strong helpful relationships with school staff to best support your pupils and their needs.

Please contact us to discuss your schools requirements so we can find the most suitable support for your pupils and staff.

Information for Parents or Carers

We hope to support your child or young person through the counselling process to talk about the problems they are facing without judgement and in a safe space. It can be very daunting for you and them to start counselling. All of our counsellors are experienced in listening and guiding them to explore how they feel. They will be free to talk about everything, we know that family life can be challenging and our role is to explore this in a helpful way. Sometimes it can be hard and may change how your young person is feeling or coping this can be a normal part of undergoing counselling. They may wish it to be private about the counselling or tell you about it and we hope that you can support them with sensitivity and reassurance.

If you have any concerns please contact us, we won’t talk about the counselling as confidentiality is very important. We would be happy to offer support or advice where we can.

We will offer up to 12 sessions of counselling, they can agree with their counsellor the right amount of sessions. We want them to feel empowered in the process and experience a helpful intervention.

Useful Links for Parents and Carers

Call: 116 123

No Problem is too Large or too Small to Talk to Us About

 Our office is open from 9.00-2.00 Monday to Thursday if no one answers please leave a message with your name and contact number and we will get back to you.

Where to Find Us

Sorted Counselling Services Bedfordshire

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Our office is open from 9.00-2.00 Monday to Thursday.

Face to face counselling sessions are offered 10.00am and 6.30pm Monday to Thursday.

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