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• Counselling is a way of enabling young people to explore any difficulties they may be experiencing. • Counsellors work with a wide range of concerns including anxiety, depression, abuse, self injury, bereavement, problems at home or at school, bullying, issues with drugs or alcohol and eating problems. • Counsellors at SORTED aim to build trusting relationships with young people enabling them to talk about their experiences and to make sense of them, to express difficult feelings and learn how to manage them. Read more ...

• SORTED provides confidential counselling and group work for young people aged between 5 and 25 yrs. • Our Counsellors are fully trained, and have a wealth of experience working with young people from a variety of backgrounds. We work within the BACP code of ethics and Child Protection Legislation and have our own statement regarding the bounds of confidentiality. • We place young people at the centre of our service and always work with their best interests in mind; our basic tenet is to ‘to do no harm’ and to help young people to achieve their potential. Read more . . .
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We ensure that we adopt a client centred approach at SORTED. The person centred approach was developed in the 1930’s and 1940’s by Dr Carl Rogers, who moved away from the classical analytical approach, replacing it with the person centred approach. The central truth for Rogers was that the client knows best, how they feel and how to move forward. Rogers was so convinced of this fundamental insight that he called his way of thinking ‘non directive’ counselling, thereby emphasising that the counsellors task is to enable the client to make contact with their inner resources rather than to guide, advise or in some way influence the way in which the client should take. Read more ...
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